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Arthur Braginsky is a relatively young artist, nevertheless, his art attracts quite a big audience. His fine art mesmerizes, his landscapes encourage, and his female nude painting stir imagination.
Arthur Braginsky- artist who works in nude oil paintings, landscape oil paintings, abstraction (futurism) oil paintings, portraits oil paintings and other actual style glamour oil painting and fantasy oil painting. We have exposed on sale luxury oil paintings in nude style, abstraction, portraits and others. Visit our fine art gallery and buy now any artpieces oil painting on canvas, oil pictures from artist Arthur Braginsky. You can also order your portrait, quality portraits of family, friends or pets from your favorite photos. Also Arthur Braginsky carries out quality oil paintings portraits in nude style. We use only best on-line payment systems which guarantee 100% safety We deliver our paintings into the hands of our customer worldwide within the shortest possible terms. We use only best express delivery company DHL We provide for customers top-quality service and guarantee.

All paintings represented on our site are painted by Arthur Braginsky, and signed by him. All works are 100 % originals, executed by oil on canvas, and exclusive. We supply A Certificate of Authenticity for each artwork.


Arthur Braginsky does not now nor has he ever had any affiliation with Saif Kahn or any other outside agents, talent scouts or other representatives. If contacted by anyone representing themselves as having an affiliation with the artist, please be assured that any such communication is unauthorized.

About Artist


Exhibitions and events


Landscape oil paintings

2001 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Publications in press 

Portraits oil paintings

2002 – Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (personal exhibition)


Nude oil paintings       

2002 – Keszthely, Hungary Festetic’s Palace- museum (one man show)

Articles about art    

Animal oil paintings     

Plein airs and other

Abstraction (futurism)

2005 – Chakvar, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Travel and rest 

Glamour oil painting NEW

2006 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Arts directory             

Fantasy oil painting NEW

2007 - EXPO 2007 France (Chaville -Paris-Versalles)


New artworks paintings

2007 - Bad Windsheim- Rothenburg, Germany (exhibition)


Portraits to order

2008 - Russia Moscow Gostiniy Dvor exhibition "Portraits"



2008 - Moscow exhibition Art Salon 2008


2008 - X-Show 2008 Moscow Russia


MasterŃlass oil painting NEW

2008 - Rewarding ceremony Worldwide Alliance “PEACEMAKER” Medal “Talent and Vocation” Moscow


2008 - Vienna Austria exhibition JMA Gallery


How to buy

2008 - exhibition Art Event Belgium Antwerp


How to buy artprint

2008 - exhibition LINEART GENT, Belgium


How to buy artpieces

2009 - Moscow exhibition Art Salon 2009


2009 - Tallinn (Estonia) the Historical museum, gallery "Kastellanhaus"


2009 - Budapest (Hungary) exhibition Karoly Palace


2009 - Moscow, Art Manege art fair, JMA Gallery Vienna


2010 - Vienna Austria exhibition JMA Gallery


2010 - Budapest (Hungary) exhibition Duna Palace


2010 - China International Gallery Exposition CIGE 2010, Beijing


2010 - London Russian, Eastern & Oriental Fine Art Fair. Park Lane Hotel. Mayfair


2011 - exhibition LINEART GENT, Belgium


2012 - Vienna, Austria, 21st Century Art & Artists, Gallery M/Euro-Asian Art Center


2012 - Vienna, Austria, Gallery M/Euro-Asian Art Center


2013 - Lousanne, Swiss, exhibition Erotica'13


2013 - Taipei, Art Revolution Taipei, art show

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Landscape painting Portraits painting Nude painting Animal painting Abstraction (futurism) painting Glamour painting Fantasy painting New artworks painting Portraits to order