Arthur Braginsky is a relatively young artist, nevertheless, his art attracts quite a big audience. Nowadays, there is no gallery to deny the pleasure of show the art pieces of this artist. His art mesmerizes, his landscapes encourage, and his female nude stir imagination. Let us start from the beginning.

   Arthur was born in a tiny yet absolutely beautiful town Mukachevo, that is in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. He must be a lucky man, because of a geographical position of the city of Mukachevo near border of Hungary to Arthur has carried more as, because since the childhood he sees stylish magazines, full of colors, photos, interiors of fashionable homes, European architecture, ancient frescos. From early childhood Arthur would make himself familiar with the reproductions of famous paintings, the art of old masters. In addition to such well-known styles as baroque, rococo, neoclassicism, and romanticism, Arthur had a great interest for, impressionism, postimpressionism, expressionism, cubism, and abstractionism, the styles that were not supported during the times of the Soviet Union.

   Nevertheless, the most influential would be pop-art, fauvism, and abstractionism. Pre-Raphaelites have captured Arthur with their unusual style, their composition, and their vision of the nature. Yet, the most influential have been the works of the Dutch artist. Their color scheme had that capturing effect, and that made Arthur realize, that the true way to mastering his skill would be making identical copies of the ancient masterpieces. Hundreds of copies of Hungarian paintings, drawings, watercolor sketches, temperas, numerous planners are only few means to perfect the professionalism of the artist. For many artists it might be a point to argue, as they believe in academic training before anything else. Nevertheless, if you analyze the art of many famous artists, you can see, that many of them succeeded due to mastering the basics of the academic painting.

   Thus, the foundation of Arthur's art is the classical school of painting. However, there are so many artist who have mastered the skills, are familiar with the perspective and anatomy. Why is Arthur so different from his colleagues front the workshop? This is the most interesting moment! One glance at the painting is enough to recognize a unique beautiful painting, that hasn't been seen anywhere else, as it's a unique style of the artist, his creation and embodiment on the canvas, well worth of rapture! Still, what is it? It is his own feeling of color, created due to the imitation of colors of the masterpieces of renaissance, a combination of the academic style and that of the modern aesthetics.


   If you take a look at one of the ladies, created by Arthur, you can see a classical image of the body- a good knowledge of anatomy; yet, at the same time we can see that this lady is captured in motion. What gives the dynamics to the still bodies? Why other artists depict their characters still, and Arthur's ladies in style New are moving? The motion in the paintings is reached due to the combination of classicism and futurism, and inspiration has been taken from numerous contemporary fashion magazines, yet the most influential has been Playboy, with it's guineas idea to depict female beauty. This idea made Arthur think about combination of the knowledge of the classical painting and contemporary vision of beauty. Thus, a dynamic new was created; and as noted by one of numerous admirers of the art of Arthur Braginsky This is a pure talent to create a woman's soul in such a way, that the body is the soul itself!

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Landscape oil paintings

2001 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

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Portraits oil paintings

2002 – Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (personal exhibition)


Nude oil paintings       

2002 – Keszthely, Hungary Festetic’s Palace- museum (one man show)

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Abstraction (futurism)

2005 – Chakvar, Hungary (personal exhibition)

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2006 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

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Fantasy oil painting NEW

2007 - EXPO 2007 France (Chaville -Paris-Versalles)


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2007 - Bad Windsheim- Rothenburg, Germany (exhibition)


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2008 - Russia Moscow Gostiniy Dvor exhibition "Portraits"



2008 - Moscow exhibition Art Salon 2008


2008 - X-Show 2008 Moscow Russia


MasterŃlass oil painting NEW

2008 - Rewarding ceremony Worldwide Alliance “PEACEMAKER” Medal “Talent and Vocation” Moscow


2008 - Vienna Austria exhibition JMA Gallery


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2008 - exhibition Art Event Belgium Antwerp


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2008 - exhibition LINEART GENT, Belgium


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2009 - Moscow exhibition Art Salon 2009


2009 - Tallinn (Estonia) the Historical museum, gallery "Kastellanhaus"


2009 - Budapest (Hungary) exhibition Karoly Palace


2009 - Moscow, Art Manege art fair, JMA Gallery Vienna


2010 - Vienna Austria exhibition JMA Gallery


2010 - Budapest (Hungary) exhibition Duna Palace


2010 - China International Gallery Exposition CIGE 2010, Beijing


2010 - London Russian, Eastern & Oriental Fine Art Fair. Park Lane Hotel. Mayfair


2011 - exhibition LINEART GENT, Belgium


2012 - Vienna, Austria, 21st Century Art & Artists, Gallery M/Euro-Asian Art Center


2012 - Vienna, Austria, Gallery M/Euro-Asian Art Center


2013 - Lousanne, Swiss, exhibition Erotica'13


2013 - Taipei, Art Revolution Taipei, art show


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