2007- Bad Windsheim- Rothenburg, Germany (personal exibition)

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Pastorius Haus

Pastorius Haus

Pastorius Haus The historic building is operated as an American-German cultural center and bed and breakfast.

The house offers 7 double bed rooms, all with private bathrooms, two dormitories accommodating 25 people, three single bed rooms, plus a reception hall, dining room, seminar room, and other facilities.

As a member of the Pastorius Home Association, Inc., you and your friends can stay at “your home” in Germany for as little as $30 per person daily, including breakfast.

Student and adult groups are welcomed. Our friendly houseparents speak both English and German. Bad Windsheim is centrally located, and leisurely day trips to many parts of Germany are possible.

The Pastorius Haus is conveniently located within 2 hours of Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nürnberg and Munich. Bad Windsheim is a modern German spa town featuring the latest health and fitness facilities and in addition, Franconia’s largest open-air museum is located just outside of town.

To make reservations while in Europe, contact the Pastoriushaus:

An der Heuwaag 1 91438 Bad Winsheim Germany

Tel: +49 9841/7078

Email: info@pastoriushaus.org

Internet: http://www.pastoriushaus.org

About Artist


Exhibitions and events


Landscape oil paintings

2001 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Publications in press 

Portraits oil paintings

2002 – Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (personal exhibition)


Nude oil paintings       

2002 – Keszthely, Hungary Festetic’s Palace- museum (one man show)

Articles about art    

Animal oil paintings     

Plein airs and other

Abstraction (futurism)

2005 – Chakvar, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Travel and rest 

Glamour oil painting NEW

2006 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Arts directory             

Fantasy oil painting NEW

2007 - EXPO 2007 France (Chaville -Paris-Versalles)


New artworks paintings

2007 - Bad Windsheim- Rothenburg, Germany (exhibition)


Portraits to order

2008 - Russia Moscow Gostiniy Dvor exhibition "Portraits"



2008 - Moscow exhibition Art Salon 2008


2008 - X-Show 2008 Moscow Russia


MasterŃlass oil painting NEW

2008 - Rewarding ceremony Worldwide Alliance “PEACEMAKER” Medal “Talent and Vocation” Moscow


2008 - Vienna Austria exhibition JMA Gallery


How to buy

2008 - exhibition Art Event Belgium Antwerp


How to buy artprint

2008 - exhibition LINEART GENT, Belgium


How to buy artpieces

2009 - Moscow exhibition Art Salon 2009


2009 - Tallinn (Estonia) the Historical museum, gallery "Kastellanhaus"


2009 - Budapest (Hungary) exhibition Karoly Palace


2009 - Moscow, Art Manege art fair, JMA Gallery Vienna


2010 - Vienna Austria exhibition JMA Gallery


2010 - Budapest (Hungary) exhibition Duna Palace


2010 - China International Gallery Exposition CIGE 2010, Beijing


2010 - London Russian, Eastern & Oriental Fine Art Fair. Park Lane Hotel. Mayfair


2011 - exhibition LINEART GENT, Belgium


2012 - Vienna, Austria, 21st Century Art & Artists, Gallery M/Euro-Asian Art Center


2012 - Vienna, Austria, Gallery M/Euro-Asian Art Center


2013 - Lousanne, Swiss, exhibition Erotica'13


2013 - Taipei, Art Revolution Taipei, art show

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