Publications in press

Arthur Braginsky - Zalai Hirlap (Венгрия) 10 августа 2002 г.

"Zalai Hirlap" (Hungary) 10 august 2002

"Gaste Zeitung" (Germany) september 2002

Arthur Braginsky - Старий Замок (Украина) 24-30 апреля 2005 г.

"Old Castle" (Ukraine) 24-30 april 2005.

"Zalai Hirlap" (Hungary) 24 juli 2002

Артур Брагинский - Zalai Hirlap (Венгрия) 21 июня 2002 г.

"Zalai Hirlap" (Hungary) 21 june 2002

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Arthur Braginsky- artist who works in nude oil paintings, landscape oil paintings, abstraction (futurism) oil paintings, portraits oil paintings and other stiles. We have exposed on sale luxury oil paintings in nude style, abstraction, portraits and others. Visit our fine art gallery and buy now any artpieces oil painting on canvas, oil pictures from artist Arthur Braginsky. You can also order your portrait, quality portraits of family, friends or pets from your favorite photos. Also Arthur Braginsky carries out quality oil paintings portraits in nude style.

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Exhibitions and events


Landscape oil paintings

2001 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Publications in press 

Portraits oil paintings

2002 – Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (personal exhibition)


Nude oil paintings       

2002 – Keszthely, Hungary Festetic’s Palace- museum (one man show)

Articles about art    

Animal oil paintings     

Plein airs and other

Abstraction (futurism)

2005 – Chakvar, Hungary (personal exhibition)

Travel and rest 

Glamour oil painting NEW

2006 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (personal exhibition)

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Fantasy oil painting NEW

2007 - EXPO 2007 France (Chaville -Paris-Versalles)


New artworks paintings

2007 - Bad Windsheim- Rothenburg, Germany (exhibition)


Portraits to order